Glass container

Glass containers shipped by Amazon FBA logistics from China to United States

Glass containers shipped by Amazon FBA logistics from China to United States

Mr. Gu runs a foreign trade company in Guangzhou, specializing in glass container products, including bottles, soft drink bottles, tea cups and other different glass bottles. Mr. Gu's products have been selling well on Amazon. Recently, there was another order from the United States. Because the forwarder he cooperated with before was not very satisfactory for him, Mr. Gu decided to find another forwarder to cooperate with. This time Mr. Gu looked on the Internet, but also found that there are indeed a variety of companies are difficult to choose, in the inadvertently also saw YiXing Global this logistics company. After talking with the customer service of 

the website, Mr. Gu also felt that it was quite reliable, and learned that YiXing Global Logistics company focused on sino-American special line logistics, which was more in line with his transportation needs, so he left his contact information for communication.

Soon when the manager of YiXing Global logistics Miss Peggy will give Mr. Gu a call to understand the specific situation, after understanding, Mr. Gu's goods is in about 7 sides, is to send the United States Amazon warehouse. After measuring the quantity of goods and the time of price, Manager Miss Peggy suggested that it would be more cost-effective to take amazon FBA shipping, so I customized the transportation plan of by sea+UPS delivery. According to the quantity of goods after the quotation, Mr. Gu said that he need to consider.

Miss Peggy also asked Gu Sheng if he had any concerns about transportation, and Mr. Gu said that it was the first time to cooperate with YiXing Global logistics, so he might need to think it over again. And after 2 days, Mr. Gu said he wanted to visit and talk, And Miss Peggy was also willing to cooperate and negotiate. Soon the two sides met for the first time. In this communication, Miss Peggy informed the detailed transportation process and after-sales service, and Mr. Gu had no doubts or concerns, so the cooperation was finalized. The cooperation agreement was signed on the same day, and the next day, Mr. Gu sent the goods to the warehouse of YiXing Global logistics, so that the shipping date can be transported as soon as it arrives.

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