Why do we need FDA certification to export electric toothbrush products from China to the United States?

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Electric toothbrush exports the United States what certification must be dealt with? Many customers have forgotten that the export of electric toothbrush to the United States, FDA registration must be handled, electric toothbrush, beautiful container, massage instrument, manual toothbrush, tire, massage chair and other exports to the United States must use equipment category to clear customs.

What is FDA Certification ?

FDA certification of electric toothbrush, as well as massages and other fitness equipment, should be under the supervision of FDA. According to different risk levels, FDA divides medical devices into three categories (I, ⅱ, ⅲ), and class ⅲ has high risk level. FDA clearly requires each medical device to be classified and regulated, and there are more than 1,700 medical device product catalogs in FDA. Any medical device to open the American market, must first make clear the application for the sale of product classification and regulatory regulations.

What is FCC Certification ?

In addition to FDA certification, there is also an FCC certification to be done. FCC certification is related to electromagnetic compatibility testing certification, the United States FCC for the operating frequency of electronic products above 9KHZ electromagnetic interference generated by the control. Electronic and electrical products exported to the United States, need to apply for FCC certification, and FCC labeling.

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FDA certification generally has the following three terms:

1. FDA approval, which is usually more for a drug, is approval of a drug for sale.

2. FDA registration, such a previous anti-terror, is the product to go to the FDA official website registration, some goods must be tested.

3. FDA testing, which is done in accordance with the FDA’s published regulations to see if the product complies with the FDA regulations, all such testing is done by third parties, FDA does not do any testing.

They are mainly responsible for regulation, market supervision and so on. Above three domestic commonly used called FDA certification.

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Post time: Dec-06-2021