What is the operation process of dangerous goods battery export by international sea transportation?

On August 10, 2021, the customer entrusted us to export automobile batteries from China to the United States,2 *20GP, 20 tons;the factory is located in Chang ‘an, Dongguan, and has obtained the dangerous package certificate. We have booked the shipping space according to MSDS and agreed on the shipment time. We will use the professional dangerous goods trailer to the battery manufacturer in Chang ‘an, Dongguan, to load the container, take photos and paste dangerous labels.

Then the customs declaration was made in Yantian, Shenzhen, and the maritime declaration was made. The barge arrived at the Hong Kong dock, and later the ship was loaded in Hong Kong, bound for the PORT of Long Beach in the United States. In the transport of this batch of dangerous goods with storage batteries, the declaration time was properly arranged and the declaration documents were proofread in advance. There was no inspection by the customs and the port supervision department. The whole process of the international transport of dangerous goods was very safe and smooth, which was praised by the customer and indicated that there would be more cooperation opportunities in the future.

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Lithium battery packs are classified as class 9 dangerous goods – miscellaneous Dangerous substances, United Nations number UN3090, UN3091, transport packaging category ⅱ; Battery packs containing sodium are classified as class 4.3 dangerous goods – substances that emit flammable gases when exposed to water, United Nations code UN3292, and transport package class ⅱ; Other batteries are classified in class 8 dangerous goods – corrosive substances, United Nations number are RESPECTIVELY UN2794, UN2795, UN2800, UN3028, transport packaging category is class iii.

The transport requirements of dangerous goods are: 10 kg per box, keep the lowest electric energy renewable, insulation packaging to prevent short circuit, add layer of foam to prevent collision, the number of large with in pallets!

What are the shipping companies that undertake the international maritime export of batteries?

The shipping companies that can receive batteries have OOCL, PIL, HMM, MSC, APL, MSK, EMC, HPL, HBS, professional and reliable dangerous goods technical management team, and their own operating procedures, the scope of which involves the application and approval of all dangerous goods.

YiXing Global logistics can ship electric bicycles/electric scooters and other batteries to replace the mobile cargo FCL/LCL with door to door shipping, without dangerous packges certificate, easy operation, maritime export transportation experience, safe and reliable, just provide the relevant information to do the packaging can be shipped to our warehouse to load the container and send away.

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