What is lithium battery export cTUVus certification? Where is the competitive advantage of cTUVus certification market?

With the continuous development of cross-border e-commerce, more and more intelligent electronic products with high quality and low price in China have rushed out of the country and entered the lives of overseas people, becoming essential daily necessities for overseas consumers.And many intelligent electronic products are inseparable from lithium batteries, and lithium batteries are dangerous goods, so for people’s personal safety and property safety, battery export to the world’s certification is indispensable.

What are the lithium battery export certification? Common lithium battery exports to the United States UL,cTUVus,ETL,NRTL certification, lithium battery exports to the European Union countries and regions must have CE certification, EN/IEC test report and lithium battery application CB certification, meet the requirements of IEC61960 regulations.

If you want to successfully enter the US and Canada market, cross-border e-commerce sellers need to pay attention to cTUVus certification.

CTUVus is the North American certification mark of TUV Rheinland. Only through OSHA (Us Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recognized as NRTL (US National Accreditation testing Laboratory) testing and certification of products opened to the US and Canada. TUV RheINLAND North America has the same legal status and effect with other NRTL agencies (such as UL, CSA), and the application for cTUVus certification is similar to the application for UL, ETL, CSA and other certification in terms of product standards. UL standards are used in the United States, and CSA standards are used in Canada. According to the certification of the product in the United States and Canada is not any problem, thus can help the product successfully open the United States and Canada market. That is, any NRTL mark (cTUVus, UL, CSA) is equally valid. 

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CTUVus certification agency

TUVus is Rhine’s product validation mark for the US market.

CTUV is the product verification mark of German Rhine for the Canadian market.

Germany rhein testing organization is authorized to project engineering: household appliances, commercial machinery, information technology, audio and video equipment, laboratory equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, testing and measuring equipment and control equipment and so on.

Compared with other battery export certification, what are the advantages of applying for cTUVus certification? 

1. Authentication cycle time

Generally speaking, electronic and electrical products from the application to take a certificate 4~6 weeks to carry out apparently faster.

Therefore, if you are already a client of Rhine and have done some certification there, then applying for cTUVus certification can obviously save more costs and reduce the time and energy spent in certification.

2.Inspection fees

According to the low demand of NRTL, factory inspection can be reduced to 2 times per year. In addition, if there is GS certification or other certification inspection, the inspection side can also be combined to reduce the factory preparation time.

3.Test fee

If you have done the TEST report of Rhine CB/GS or North American certification, you can apply for some favorable discounts in terms of product testing fees through transfer and deviation test, and save a sum of operating costs.

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Post time: Nov-11-2021