What are the EXX Clipper ? At what port does the EXX clipper dock?

EXX Clipper1

In fact, EXX clipper belongs to the star route from Shanghai to the West of the United States launched by France. The EXX Clipper is as well as the Matson because it is docked at a TraPac terminal.The Privileged location of the TraPac Terminal allows trucks to access the main highway, giving truck drivers priority access to the terminal and quick pickup from the EXX channel. In order to facilitate the operation, the dock also has an EXX cargo exclusive yard, so it is understood that the EXX clipper is relatively slower than the Mason clipper for a few days.

EXX Clipper2

Matson clipper, Matson clipper is divided into CLX shipping line and CCX shipping line two categories, the route is basically the same, the time is not the same. Especially recently Matson’s timeliness has also been slow (in this case to CCX shipping line). Because many Matson CCX shipping line were assigned to the public pier PierA for unloading, the premise of queuing to dock also occurred. Due to the shortage of personnel and equipment, and the increase of cargo volume due to the approaching peak season, there are too many containers in the public storage yard of the dock, which makes Matson unable to deal with it. Matson will consider reducing the number of ships in the near future to relieve the pressure on the docks. Moreover, PierA is a joint venture wharf between Matson and other shipping companies, which is totally different from PierC Wharf. It is an independent wharf of Matson, where regular ships load and unload goods. The CCX shipping line must meet the requirements, and it is possible to go there to unload the ship under the premise that the wharf is free and the yard is more empty, but the probability is not large in the peak season.

So the EXX Clipper is a good alternative to compare with Matson Clippers !

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Post time: Dec-06-2021