What are the clippers besides Matson and ZIM Clippers? What is the difference between the clipper and the general ship ?

We all know that the clipper ship, the clipper ship has the advantages of fast time, short replenishment cycle and so on.

In recent two years, the global transportation capacity is seriously insufficient, many ports have congestion delays, lack of containers and other situations, many sellers will turn to choose the clipper ship !


Now there are many kinds of market shipping clippers, sellers choose which shipping clippers will be better?

What are the main clippers shipping line of our company?

  1. Matson Clipper
  2. ZIM Clipper
  3. EXX Clipper

 What are the advantages of each clipper company?

1.Matson Clipper

Matson CLX shipping line was founded in February 2006, and Matson CLX+ was added in 2020, mainly for sellers in East China and North China.

With its dedicated dock in the U.S. Port of Long Beach, as well as two unique off-port storage yards and no-reservation rapid container pickup mode, it has created a maritime highway for the majority of cross-border sellers in China and the United States.


Main advantages:

  1. Voyage time is fast, basically about 10 days can reach the port: Shanghai direct LA only 11 days; Ningbo direct LA only 12 days.
  2. It has its own wharf, and it takes about a week for other clippers to dock and unload at the port in the peak shipping season, while Matson can pick up the container in one or two days after docking, which is very obvious in the peak season.
  3. Fixed shipping schedule, two water time a week, convenient for advance delivery arrangement.
  4. One “fast” and one “fast”, one day apart, not only the increase of transport capacity, but also for customers urgent goods, late goods, customs inspection and other delays, on the double insurance.

 2.ZIM Clipper

ZIM ZEX — Only 12 days from Yantian to LA


ZIM ZX2 — It only takes 12 days to reach LA from Yantian


ZIM ZX3 — Ningbo/Shanghai direct LA only 14/16 days; It only takes 11/13 days from Ningbo/Shanghai to OAKLAND


Main advantages:

  1. Voyage time is fast, basically about 12 days can arrive at the port.
  2. Free booking within 24 hours after arrival, preferential service after unloading, directly on the trailer and on the special driveway to avoid queuing.
  3. Fast rail links to other destinations in the United States, such as Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, Kansas and New York.

3 EXX Clipper

EXX is short for EAGLE EXPRESS X (EXX), EXX serves the ports of Ningbo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Dutch Port, Yokohama and Busan. The first flight of the EXX route will depart from Ningbo on August 2 and Shanghai on August 3, and arrive in Los Angeles on August 14.

Main advantages:

  1. The time is as good as the ZIM clippers.
  2. EXX clipper will mark time-sensitive goods as “priority goods” and enjoy a money back guarantee.
  3. At the port of LA, there is a dedicated container yard and a special passageway for trucks, and goods can be quickly unloaded and left the port.
  4. Customers who have experienced EXX’s exclusive service will give EXX thumbs up !

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Post time: Jul-27-2021