Process of shipping export of lithium battery products from Yantian Port of Shenzhen to United States

Recently, a news topic that the sea freight has increased by 10 times and there is no container to mention hit the hot search. At that time, the Small edition of YiXing Global Logistics was excited: the public finally saw the sad situation that the freight of our foreign trade sea is high and there is no container to take. Based on China’s imports and exports totaled 24.78 trillion yuan in the first eight months of this year, up 23.7 percent year-on-year and 22.8 percent from the same period in 2019, according to data released by the General Administration of Customs on Thursday. This resounding data shows that the world still cannot do without Chinese products under the situation of the serious shortage of cabinets and soaring sea freight.

In the positive growth data of China’s foreign trade for 15 consecutive months, The small edition of YiXing Global logistics knows that the export volume of lithium battery products is quite considerable. Because with the development of science and technology innovation, lithium battery technology is gradually perfect, and green low carbon environmental protection market trends of life, the estimated 2023 new energy electric vehicles fully replace the fuel vehicle, pushing a piece of lithium battery products exports increased year by year, lithium batteries of export more soaring development trend of the equipment.

What is the process of shipping lithium battery in the United States? Since it is an electrified product, the risk degree is certainly higher than that of ordinary goods during transportation. What materials should be submitted to the customs before being allowed to export by sea. 

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Process of Shipping lithium battery products from Yantian Port of Shenzhen to United States:

1.The first step is to have import and export qualification.
2.For dangerous goods, the dangerous package certificate should be presented 7 working days in advance, and the DETAILED MSDS cargo data sheet should be submitted to the shipping company for verification (some shipping companies are forbidden to receive lithium batteries, so it is necessary to select the appropriate shipping company for booking space).
3.After the shipping space comes out, it is necessary to put up the container with the container seal number combined with the original dangerous goods certificate. It is necessary to do the maritime declaration of dangerous goods before cutting off the declaration, and master the time node of cutting off the manifest and issuing the manifest.
4.After the dangerous goods enter the port, the terminal will deliver the arrival information, so it must have the arrival information, and you can safely wait for the ship after having the arrival information.
5.Lithium battery driving equipment belongs to UN3171, 9 categories of dangerous goods (electric bicycles and electric cars belong to this category).
6.Because this kind of product is a high-tech industry, the UN3171 dangerous package certificate required for export has always been a vexing problem for foreign traders, which has also led to the phenomenon of concealment and omission in one after another.

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For the export of lithium battery by sea to the US, please provide the following materials:

1.Dangerous package certificate (the dangerous package certificate includes performance certificate and use certificate. The performance certificate is relatively simple and can be presented by the manufacturer of formal packaging, but the use certificate is relatively complicated.)
2.Customs declaration materials (a complete set of customs declaration materials including: packing list, invoice, contract, customs declaration, customs proxy and declaration elements)
3.MSDS (it is a comprehensive regulatory document of chemical characteristics provided by chemical manufacturing, trading and sales enterprises to end customers and the public according to legal provisions.)

Because of the danger of lithium battery, the accidents caused by illegal operation in packaging and transportation have become more and more attention, and the transportation management organizations have implemented many restrictive regulations successively: 

1.The battery must pass the test requirements of UN38.3 and the 1.2 m drop crash test.
2.Lithium battery and lithium battery products must be divided into nine categories of dangerous goods, according to the dangerous goods to do declaration, show the corresponding dangerous bag certificate.
3.The packing of lithium batteries must also be perfect and stable, such as the use of tray loading, the use of air bags between the gap is stable, to avoid crushing impact, packing can not be stacked, etc. 
4.There must be packaging in line with transport requirements. In addition to the matching product name and UN number, there must be nine categories of dangerous goods labels attached to the outer packaging. Corresponding dangerous labels should be attached around the containers.

As a major port in south China, Shenzhen Yantian Port is close to Hong Kong port with various kinds of cargo exports.Therefore, it has incomparable advantages in the transport of dangerous goods. Lithium batteries, as the most common nine types of dangerous goods, are certainly not a problem for export operation in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is able to operate LCL and FCL of lithium batteries shipping, in which the dangerous service of lithium batteries can cover most of the global port export support.

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Post time: Sep-14-2021