In order to solve the price of international shipping skyrocketing, the Ministry of Commerce has taken effective measures

Shipping costs have soared more than 10-fold since the outbreak in 2020. In addition, the second half of the year is the peak shipping season, with strong demand and insufficient transport capacity, international shipping prices are skyrocketing. Some sellers show that compared with the overall cross-border logistics freight in July and August, the increase rate has also been close to 50%.

High freight presses sell a home profit, a part of sell a home to make clear, because of freighter, oneself already is a sheet to lose a sheet, still make do with bearing. Even so, it is still “hard to get a box”, now, the existing freight forwarder refused to accept low value goods. According to the previous analysis of a number of industry people, the situation of high shipping rates is likely to continue until next year.


Faced with shipping problems, recently, local governments and the Ministry of Commerce have shown that effective measures have been taken to help enterprises out of the dilemma.

According to relevant media reports, for shipping problems, Zhejiang online international container “one thing”, collect foreign trade enterprises cabin demand, one to two months in advance will demand feedback to shipping companies, freight forwarding enterprises.

Based on the collected demands of enterprises, the Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province cooperated with the Provincial Department of Transportation and the Provincial Seaport Group to improve the transport capacity and start the e-commerce shipping routes. In the first half of 2021, Ningbo Zhoushan Port will open 18 new foreign trade routes, including 8 ocean-going trunk routes, increasing the total number of routes to 272.

In addition, the Commerce Department of Zhejiang province also organized foreign trade enterprises to communicate with shipping companies. Promote the 1580 key foreign trade enterprises in Zhejiang province to sign cooperation agreements with shipping companies in the way of “volume and price mutual insurance”, and reduce the average freight rate of the contract by at least 30%.

On August 26, at a regular press conference held at the national Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman peak indicated that “the Ministry of Commerce has combined transport, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, market supervision bureau and other units, in improving container supply, improve shipping capacity, strengthen international cooperation actively take effective measures. Local governments have also strengthened shipping service guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises to help them reduce costs and losses. Mofcom will continue to work with relevant departments and local governments to further study targeted new measures to ensure stable foreign trade and smooth international logistics, strengthen cooperation with trading partners, and work together to solve challenges.”

The Ministry of Commerce has already spoken and believes that other local governments will follow suit. But international ocean shipping prices rising and port congestion has become a global problem, sellers still need to do more preparation.

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Post time: Sep-01-2021