How to remove the brand record information of Amazon FBA sellers?

The Amazon platform in the United States has become more and more strict on the account review, for example, recently encountered KYC review and the United States failed to pass the second trial, the serious situation caused by the store refused to die, direct background can not log in, unable to untie the brand record information from the background of the brand, how to do?

FBA sellers can cancel the brand record information according to the following procedures:

  1. Clicked on the link:…ct-us
  2. Choose the topic as “Accountterminationrequest”
  3. Fill businessName with legal representative or Businessname
  4. Enter the Email address of your previous Amazon account
  5. Questionandcomment:

UserEmail: Amazon account registration email

Brand: The name of the Brand whose information has been recorded

Specificreasonforremoval:Cause of clearing

The reason I filled in here is that the term of the agency contract with the cleared account has already expired, so I submit an application for removal!It was approved by Amazon in the United States in about one day !

Can I also give other stores record information after the cancellation of brand record information?

After the cancellation of the brand record information, it can be put on record again to another store. However, because the information content of the brand owner is different from the information content of the store company registration, brand authorization must also be done.How do you license a brand?Brand authorization process is as follows:

  1. Clicked on ”BrandRegistrySupport”
  2. Choose “UpdateYourBrand Profile” (Upgrade Your Brand Profile)
  3. Then select “UpdateLeforUserAccount” (to upgrade the rolefor the useraccount)

Why brand record information after the store seal number, brand account also seal number ?

Amazon requires trademark filing information to build a brand account. The email and password of the brand account can be different from the email and password of the store account. The brand account is independent from the store account, and the store account seal number will not interfere with the brand account.Many sellers use the same email and password as the store account and email for trademark filing information to build brand accounts, and can directly fill in the record information in the backstage of the store.If the store account is blocked, then the brand account will also be blocked.

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Post time: Jun-09-2021