How to deal with FBA container Marine chemicals?

As an international logistics carrier, we have to talk about common sense about chemical export by sea.

What information is required for chemical (hazardous) export?

  1. FCL: before booking space, the above two documents must be presented for application and approval by the shipowner. It usually takes 3-5 days to know whether the shipowner accepts the product or not. Booking space for dangerous goods should be applied for 10-14 days in advance as far as possible to give both consignor and forwarder a sufficient time.
  2. LCL: before booking the space, you must also present the dangerous package certificate, MSDS, weight and volume of the cargo.
  3. Before exporting, be sure to do the exit dangerous freight transportation packaging using the identification result sheet (dangerous package certificate), MSDS is also required.

What information is required for the export of chemical products (non-hazardous products)?

1. FCL: some ships must be certified, some ships do not need. In addition, be sure to submit a non-risk guarantee and product MSDS, these two are indispensable.

2.LCL: non-hazardous guarantee and description of goods (name of product in Chinese and English, molecular structure, appearance and main use) must be presented.

3. A chemical inspection report (certificate of Freight Transportation Standard) should be done before export to confirm that the goods are not dangerous.


What certification materials must chemical products be exported by sea?

Usually to show MSDS, shipping power of attorney, if dangerous goods must also show dangerous goods packaging performance certificate, chemical research institute identification report, normal customs declaration materials.

Why must MSDS be presented?

MSDS is an important document to convey the hazardous information of chemicals. It briefly describes the hazardous information of a chemical to human health and the environment, and presents information on safe handling, storage and use of the chemical.

The United States, Japan, European Union countries and other developed countries have widely established and implemented THE MSDS system. According to the chemical management regulations of these countries, manufacturers of hazardous chemicals are usually required to produce a product safety data sheet at the same time when selling, transporting or exporting their products.

At this stage, MSDS(SDS), foreign regulations have been extended to basically all chemical products, at this point, the chemical products exported to developed countries at this stage basically have MSDS(SDS) to smooth customs declaration. And some foreign procurement chamber of commerce to produce goods MSDS(SDS), some domestic foreign companies or joint venture procurement will also clearly put forward this aspect of the regulation.


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Post time: Aug-02-2021