How much time be take from China to United States by Matson Clipper now?

The reason for the slow shipping time is the lack of terminal capacity and congestion caused by unmanned unloading containers. According to news reports, there are at least 500,000 ships queuing for unloading containers at American terminals, which can be imagined how congested the major terminals in The United States are and how scarce the storage space is.

In order to improve customer experience and meet the higher logistics needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers. Our company added Matson clipper channel, such as Matson CLX shipping line and Matson CCX shipping line.

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What is the Matson Clippers advantage ?

The shipment will arrive at the port 11 days after departure, unload the cargo in 1 day and pick up the container in 1 day. $0.15 /KG/ day shall be paid after 9 working days of warehousing beyond the claim limitation until the payment of freight is completed. Both fast, and safe logistics products.

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Matson clippers aging fast so widely cross-border electricity sellers favorest, but not all products, the Matson clippers don’t accept transportation items: beauty, such as unknown gas, liquid, powder, chemicals, alcohol, nail polish, ping pong balls, all kinds of batteries, etc.

What is the transfer time of Matson Clippers?

The warehouse will be closed on Monday and the ship will depart on Wednesday, and it will arrive in Los Angeles in 11 days. Express delivery will be carried out after customs clearance and unpacking in Los Angeles.Total transfer time about 19~23 days. In other words, it takes 17 days for the goods to the West of the United States and 23 days to the East of the United States. It’s faster and therefore the most expensive.

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Matson Clipper logistics channels have by sea+UPS and by sea+truck, to meet the needs of different customers. If you think it is more expensive, you can choose our another channel, the EXX Clipper, which is slightly slower than the Matson Clipper, can be picked up in 20-40 working days. The price is also relatively low.

YiXing Global logistics focus on Matson CLX shipping channel and EXX Clipper shipping channel with double clearance door to door services, if you are interested in, hotline line:+86 173 2212 6273.

Post time: Nov-11-2021