How long does it take to ship electric-bikes and scooters from China to the United States?

It is said that 2021 will be the darkest year for cross-border e-commerce sellers, and Amazon USA has banned 3,000 Accounts of Chinese sellers in just a few months. The key reason is that there are illegal comment operations on these accounts. To put it simply, these Chinese seller accounts brush orders. Not only that, the sky-high sea freight and shipping delay is serious caused by the bankruptcy of a large number of sellers and freight forwarders, foreign trade industry everywhere. Under such circumstances, can cross-border e-commerce or export trade still be done? In fact, it can be done.

According to relevant information, this year’s Alibaba International Procurement Festival ran a dark horse: ATVs used only on the beach sales jumped 4000%! This naked data is enough to show that there is still a market for export cross-border e-commerce. In addition to ATVs, electric scooters and electric bicycles are also hot products on various cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Electric bicycle, is refers to the lithium battery as auxiliary energy in the general bicycle basically, the assembly of the motor, controller, switch brake and other control parts and display instrument system of electromechanical integration of personal transport tools. Electric bicycles and scooters are now mini – trendy mobility devices for many young Americans. Not only young people, but also some elderly people are also very popular with this kind of products. Moreover, this kind of products can be folded, and you can take the bus or subway in your hand, which is also a big competitive advantage.


In the United States, electric bicycles and electric scooters are also sold, but the price is relatively expensive, many people hope and stop, the price is always several thousand dollars a car.

However, China now exports a lot of products, many of which are basically exported to overseas, inexpensive and good quality. Due to domestic electric bicycle electric motorcycle has a lot of, every year tens of thousands of vehicles, sales are so many companies now have electric bicycle on the international market, overseas electric bicycle now China already with 20-30% of the share, so in the United States has a belongs to own made in China electric bicycle, electric scooter is a normal thing. 

Which countries and regions can we ship electric bicycles, electric scooters and balance vehicles to?

Electric bicycle electric scooter can door to door service with duty-free to which countries? For example: United States Luxembourg Germany France Belgium Denmark Netherlands Slovenia Czech Poland Croatia Slovakia Finland Austria Sweden Bulgaria Estonia Latvia Romania Hungary Lithuania Spain Greece Portugal United Kingdom.


The United States can also ship pure battery products. But the product must be packed intact, the carton is strong and not easy to damage, because the battery belongs to the dangerous category, flammable and explosive, and some batteries have to be packaged independently, so we must do a good job on the packaging.

How dose the time take by YiXing Global logistics Electric bicycle skateboard go to ship from China to United States ?

Time limitation problem: 25 days for shipping to Los Angeles + 5-7 days for customs clearance + 3-7 days for delivery.

In fact, the limitation depends on the long time of customs clearance and delivery.

Despite the current international logistics situation has not been effectively alleviated, but recently, high sea freight rates and various terminal charges and other issues, senior government officials from China, the United States and the European Union attended the fifth global Maritime Regulatory summit to discuss the serious supply chain disruptions. We will take appropriate actions and measures to address problems arising from the outbreak so far.

Halloween and Christmas are also coming, and a new round of shopping carnival is about to kick off. There are still many opportunities for cross-border e-commerce sellers to fill orders. Holiday gift-giving is a trend in the United States, so export electronics sellers need to plan shipping and logistics well in advance.

YiXing Global logistics ocean shipping line aging stability, safe and reliable channel, can also be shipped with pure battery lithium battery mobile power supply to the United States business address. For more details, please click to our website, hotline: +86 173 2212 6273. 

Post time: Oct-12-2021