How does Amazon cancel an unpaid customer order?

How does Amazon FBA cancel an unpaid customer order? At first, unshipped orders from customers and unreceived orders from customers can be cancelled. In that case, specific ways for Amazon to cancel orders will be shown below. 

Method for Amazon FBA to cancel an unpaid customer order:

Cancel orders at any time from customer orders on account >

Amazon FBA in the United States can cancel the order if the customer’s order has not been delivered, but it cannot be cancelled after delivery. The vast majority of other sites are unable to cancel a few hours after placing an order. At this time do not want to have to decide to return. 

Amazon FBA cancellation order is very simple, at any time in youraccount>yourorder, find the customer order you need to cancel, cancel at any time can be. 

Amazon presents three return methods, which are: 

1.Upsdrop-off: if you send the goods to the UPS service point by yourself, the return cost will be $4.98, which will be deducted from the refund; 
2.Upspick-up: If you return the goods due to your own reasons, it will cost $6, which will be deducted from the refund. 
3.Selfrreturning: Send it to the post office at your own cost. 

Because we need the transport company to help us successfully return the goods, we need to communicate with the customer service of your transport company and decide that some transport companies provide the return service, but they need to charge the cost.

Then how can Amazon cancel a product that has already been paid for?

Amazon cancels products that have been paid for: 

Refund for Cancellation: If the order is cancelled after successful payment, Amazon will process the refund within 1 day (” Amazon Refund Processing Time “) after the customer’s order is cancelled. If only some products are cancelled, Amazon will process your refund within 1 day of successful shipment of the remaining products. The online refund page can be viewed on my > account. 
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Post time: Apr-20-2021