How can I ship out electric vehicle from China to United States?

As the situation of environmental degradation caused by global warming becomes more and more serious, many countries and regions have paid attention to the importance of maintaining the earth’s ecological environment, it began to limit electricity production to reduce exhaust emissions, and more and more people began to pursue green and environmentally friendly light carbon life. Both daily necessities and transportation tools are using environmentally friendly products, such as new energy micro-electric vehicles to replace cars, like electric motorcycle, electric bike, electric vehicle, electric unicycle etc.

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Matters needing attention in shipping electric vehicles

There are two points to pay attention to when sending electric vehicles for sea transportation: One is on the packaging of the products, and the other is on the declaration of the products. In the product packaging, due to the high power lithium battery, need to use specific packaging materials packaging, insulation treatment. In the declaration, the electric car is a kind of goods inspected strictly by the customs of various countries, in addition to providing detailed customs clearance documents, but also compliance declaration, to avoid goods being detained.

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Which FBA shipping channels can ship electric vehicles?

Our company can offer such as:

From China to United States Door to Door Shipping : FCL/LCL door to door services, DG container booking, total time is around 20~25 natural days to your hands.
HK-UPS: Shipping a variety of battery products, high-power battery products such as like electric motorcycle, electric bike, electric vehicle, electric unicycle etc. As well as from China to Europe, Canada.


For the export of battery or built-in battery products, YiXing Global logistics is a good choice, aging stable, safe and reliable, FCL DG container booking with door to door services by ZIM, EMC, MSC, COSCO shipping company. For more details, please help to click

Post time: Dec-21-2021