FBA of United States long-distance delivery fee will increase on September 30

In the last few months, we’ve seen several cost increases,VINE fees, mandatory insurance, and advertising fees (in Europe). FBA long-distance delivery fees (not multichannel delivery fees) are also going up. The following email:

Amazon email announces:

Since 2018, companies participating in the U.S. FBA program have been able to sell their U.S. FBA inventory in Canada and Mexico using FBA Remote Delivery (also known as North American Remote Delivery). The program provides customers with more choices and sellers with better opportunities to sell abroad.

We plan to complete the initial change of amazon Logistics long-distance logistics delivery cost on September 30, 2021. Distribution costs will increase appropriately to reflect changes in distribution, transportation, storage and customer service costs in North America. These increases are in line with or less than the industry average growth for performing services. We will also remove package weight changes from the rate calculation to better align it with the standard FBA rate structure.

Summary: Amazon will gradually increase the cost of long-distance logistics delivery on September 30, 2021.

Amazon Logistics long-distance delivery, just send goods to the US warehouse, you can sell goods to Canada and Mexico, instead of shipping inventory to those countries/regions. A warehouse in the United States that can sell to Both Canada and Mexico.


Amazon will still show free shipping to Prime buyers in Mexico and Canada. Logistics delivery to Mexico takes 5 to 9 days and logistics delivery to Canada takes 7 to 12 days. Customers pay only import duties. But sellers have to pay for long-distance delivery.

And here said FBA cost has increased, refers to this distance distribution costs.

If you don’t use this feature, the new policy doesn’t affect you at all.

The actual increase is also a lot, that Canada, for more than 2 pounds of goods, the freight increased 16.8%, (12.79-10.95) /10.95, that is really a lot of increase.

Over time, Amazon’s operating costs have increased and it has become a deterrent to most small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Post time: Sep-01-2021