Electric Bicycle LCL From China to United States with Double Clear Door to Door Service

In the import and export trade of cross-border e-commerce, the export of electrified products accounts for a large market share. Although there are many dangerous factors in the international maritime transportation of lithium batteries, they cannot stop their high sales. For example, Electric scooters,  are among the top 10 sellers on major overseas e-commerce platforms. In addition to electric scooters, what are the electric vehicles, and what are the requirements for international shipping of electric vehicles and what are the shipping methods of lithium batteries? 

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There are electric motorcycles, electric minivans, battery patrol cars, folding cars, surfers, scooters, motorcycles, wheelchair buggies, atVs, electric scooters, electric balance vehicles, sightseeing electric vehicles, electric golf carts,electric sanitation vehicle, electric bus, electric police car, electric forklift, magnetic motor vehicle, electric moving vehicle, electric tractor, electric rail car, electric scooter, electric garbage truck, electric leisure vehicle, electric combustion aid vehicle, electric classic car, light lithium electric car, other solar electric vehicle, etc. In addition, there are safety electric vehicles, anti-theft electric vehicles, anti-freezing wall electric vehicles.

In the international maritime dangerous transport, electric vehicles are not the same according to the battery and vehicle (in other words, equipment) assembly, classification is not the same.

It can be divided into the following types: 

1.Lithium ion battery packs installed in the equipment or lithium ion battery packs (including lithium ion polymer battery packs) packed together with the equipment are classified to UN3481.
2.Battery-powered vehicles or battery-powered equipment are uniformly classified to UN3171.
3.Lithium metal battery packs installed in equipment or lithium metal battery packs packed together with equipment (including lithium alloy battery packs) are uniformly classified to UN3091.

As long as the lithium battery cell exceeds 20W, lithium battery exceeds 100W, are classified as dangerous goods, must be declared in accordance with the normal dangerous goods. Must not be in accordance with the general goods conceal out!

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According to the general goods conceal the words, not out of the situation is ok, out of the situation will have the following series of serious consequences:

1.For maritime inspection, if dangerous goods are involved in concealment, the goods will be detained by maritime affairs. According to the severity of the situation, the penalty will be paid, the situation report will be written, and then the records of the traceability will be three years.
2.Serious cases may involve criminal liability. That’s a very serious consequence.
3.If it is found by the shipping company, the shipping company will impose a fine of USD15,000 on the shipper and booking agency. The shipping company has already issued a notice to severely investigate and punish lithium battery products, with emphasis on 9 categories UN3171 and UN3480. 
4.If maritime transport produces circumstance, wait for arbitrary agreement, insurance basically cannot claim for compensation, why? Because you are concealing, is illegal operation, do not expect insurance company to give you claim. Insurance companies can Sue you for underreporting.
5.If be in one’s heart again a few luck, start carry harbor and sea carry everything is normal, after coming to destination harbor, also can involve the inspection of the branch such as customs, maritime, port affairs, have the risk that is buckled goods. Especially in European and American countries, the inspection of lithium battery products is very strict. Once checked is to deduct goods pay huge penalty gold.
6.If there is any quality problem of the product, it must be returned or repaired. You concealed it from the port of shipment. China is very strict on the import inspection of dangerous goods.

Therefore, lithium battery and lithium battery equipment shipping must be legal operation, do not have a fluke psychology.

International shipping of lithium batteries

1.Sea FCL, FCL is easier to operate, the ship companies are also able to accept. Here emphasis is on the reinforcement of lithium battery, lithium battery collision may lead to battery damage or even safety accidents. Air cushion reinforcement is commonly used between container and lithium battery packaging, and the door should be reinforced with American style.
2.Sea LCL, because it is classified as class 9 dangerous goods, belonging to low risk, can be assembled into a cabinet with class 2.2, class 3, class 4.1, class 6.1, class 8 and class 9, so it is relatively simple to operate.
3.Lithium battery with DDU, DAP, DDP service, this is mainly a foreign section of customs clearance, delivery, on behalf of the tax action.

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Post time: Sep-14-2021