Does electric scooter lithium battery export need dangerous bag certificate? What is the dangerous bag certificate?

Electric scooter is not only popular in China because of its advantages such as light size, small footprint and simple operation, but also as the first choice for short-distance transportation overseas. Electric scooters have been a best-selling product on Amazon in the United States, while those selling well on major cross-border e-commerce platforms are mostly made in China. Electric scooter is a built-in battery product, which is prone to accidents if it is accidentally transported in the long-term sea transportation. The export of battery belongs to inflammable and explosive dangerous goods is dangerous bag certificate, so the export of electric scooter to the United States sea transportation must have dangerous bag certificate?


What is dangerous bag certificate to see above all?

The dangerous package certificate is divided into two parts, one is the performance certificate, the full name is dangerous goods transport package performance appraisal result sheet, this certificate is the packaging factory to show to the exporter. Another is the use of the certificate, the full name is the exit dangerous goods transport package used to identify the results of the sheet.

Dangerous package certificate is to have the packaging performance sheet can go to the commodity inspection bureau for commodity inspection and then change the package to use the sheet, this one is used to the sheet is dangerous package certificate. Dangerous package certificate is theoretically those who have been registered in the commodity inspection of the packaging product company to show the packaging, and then have the factory packaging after the application for processing.

Export should be used really is dangerous package use card. Dangerous goods have one more procedure than general goods in export declaration, that is, declaration by the port authority, and hazardous package certificate must be used in declaration. If the exporter does not have hazardous package certificate when exporting dangerous goods, it cannot be released at the port authority, and the container cannot be shipped. 

Exit dangerous goods transport package used to the appraisal result sheet.

Dangerous package certificate is normal factory in the local import and export inspection and quarantine bureau application.

The period of validity of the dangerous package certificate is one year. Two documents must be prepared before handling the dangerous package certificate, one is the packaging performance and the other is the classification identification report.

Packing performance alone is to prove that you can pack dangerous goods in this package, and is safe and reliable.


Electric vehicle electric scooter lithium battery must need dangerous package certificate export? 

Electric bicycle car balance scooter that some of the built-in lithium battery the whole export, while the car is punctuated with lithium battery is belong to dangerous goods, but the whole export is no need dangerous package certificate, there are some forwarder must show the dangerous bag factory, only need to show your MSDS and un38.3 report to us, as well as on the bill of lading to show the original name. Normal walking export dangerous goods ark, normal do maritime declaration of dangerous goods, it can help to more factories, many factories are not qualified to do card of dangerous packages or think to do card of dangerous package process of the complex, and deal with crisis package card also need time and cost, so why not choose fast and safe, reliable low-cost way, without danger package card is also a formal channels for export, Documents declaration can be normal tax refund.

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Post time: Oct-12-2021