Folding furniture

Folding furniture

Folding furniture sent from China to the United States Amazon warehouse select YiXing Global Logistics

Miss Wang is the person in charge of the Foreign trade in the United States of xx company. She has great expectations for the American market, so she opened a store on amazon in the United States, and wanted to offer a batch of foldable furniture by American shipping to AMAZON FBA warehouse.

Miss wang had the idea after and will have to find a reliable safe and quick and cheap international logistics company, finally, after careful screening, miss wang chose us through net, and Lily made contact with our customer services, and then call the customer service Lily about folding furniture transport matters, about 5 minutes by preliminary details, Miss Wang was quite satisfied.

In this regard, our business manager Peggy, reported the related costs and operations to the customer, so as to provide the customer with a high-quality choice, such as sea freight or air freight, FCL or LCL solutions.

Miss Wang learned about the relevant quotation and matters needing attention. After listening to the suggestions of business manager Peggy, after consideration, she decided to cooperate with our company and start the logistics transportation from China to the United States.

Finally, according to factors such as time limit and price, we suggested To Miss Wang to offer by FBA ocean shipping, and worked out a set of high-quality American ocean shipping quotation scheme. Miss Wang was very satisfied with it, and we reached a very happy cooperation.

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