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Speakers FBA US ocean shipping door to door service to choose YiXing Global Logistics

Mr. Song's accidental opportunity learned on the net to keep YiXing Global logistics, and keep manager Peggy made contact. YiXing Global logistics takes this opportunity to tell you about electronic products exported to the United States by sea double clear to the United States.

After the contact between Peggy and Mr. Song, we learned that Mr. Song needs to ship a batch of speakers to the United States, and tailored two sets of transportation plans for export to the United States.

The first option: Air Export. Direct flight from Shenzhen to the United States, and YiXing Global logistics is responsible for the customs clearance in the United States, and arrange delivery to the buyer's location. The advantage of this scheme is the transportation speed is fast, but more times of handling, may cause certain damage to the sound box packaging.

The second option: Export by sea. Manager Peggy of YiXing Global logistics explained to Mr. Song in detail a series of transportation node requirements and steps such as booking space, packing, customs declaration, customs clearance and delivery at the destination port. Mr. Song was very satisfied, and finally decided to choose the United States shipping double Clear transportation. The advantages of this scheme are safe and reliable, cost saving and less handling times. The disadvantage is that it takes longer than air freight.

For Mr. Song's export speaker goods, the local work of shipping space booking and customs clearance in Shenzhen was handled and arranged by the staff of YiXing Global logistics. After Mr. Song's feedback was very satisfied with the work of YiXing Global logistics. The professional packaging and careful preparation of relevant documents ensured the smooth booking, customs clearance and transportation of the goods to foreign countries.

The foreign agent of YiXing Global logistics made full preparation for Mr. Song's export goods in the early stage, so there was no obstruction due to missing documents or inconsistent goods during the customs clearance abroad, which fully met the requirements of export speakers' transportation and customs clearance, and delivered the goods to Mr. Song's buyer's place in the first time after the completion of customs clearance. Mr. Song's foreign customers are very satisfied with the first cooperation and the arrival of the goods, so they have established a long-term cooperation relationship with Mr. Song. Mr. Song is very grateful to YiXing Global logistics for this. 

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