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Electric scooter from China to the United States door to door transport services choose YiXing Global l

Recently, YiXing Global logistics received a consultation from Mr. Feng, a customer in Guangzhou, about the transportation of electric scooter products to the United States. Mr. Feng has a patented three-wheeled electric vehicle product, and the product contains lithium battery inside.

After communication, the manager of Peggy learned that Mr. Feng's side has about 3000 sets of products to be shipped to the United States, and they need to be delivered locally in the United States. Therefore, Manager Peggy also suggested that the customer could first ship to the United States by sea, and then arrange local delivery to the designated destination customer address. In addition, because Mr. Feng's products also have lithium batteries, generally lithium batteries are exported to the United States for FCC certification, but if customers require UL certification. Therefore, Manager Peggy also reminded Mr. Feng of the relevant product certifications he needed, because the customs clearance in the United States could not be carried out without these certifications.

Mr. Feng has also known these information and provided the corresponding packing specifications: 1200mm*550mm*360mm, the weight is 29.8kg, and the volume weight is 39.8kg. After negotiation, Manager Peggy also quoted the transportation plan according to the customer's goods information. Mr. Feng also felt very satisfied with the price, so the two sides soon carried out cooperation. After the shipment was determined, Manager Peggy immediately arranged the driver to pick up the pieces, and the goods were transported safely to the warehouse in time. After this series of services, Mr. Feng felt the efficient service quality of YiXing global logistics, and also laid a foundation for maintaining a good cooperative relationship in the later period through this cooperation.

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